Can I insert a personalized LinkedIn URL in the email signature?


Yes it is possible to insert a custom LinkedIn URL in the email signature. This can be done by including the user's LinkedIn URL in an Active Directory Custom Attribute. Once the LinkedIn URLs have been entered in the Custom Attribute you need to add the custom attribute field in Policy Patrol and configure the email disclaimer template:

Add the Custom Attribute field in Policy Patrol

  1. In the Policy Patrol Administration console, go to Settings > Templates.
  2. Click on Directory fields under ‘Options’.
  3. In Display name enter the Name as you would like it to appear in the list of merge fields, for instance LinkedIn URL.
  4. Under Directory code enter the Active Directory Attribute name as is listed in ADSI Edit, for instance CustomAttribute9.

    Please note that this name is case sensitive. If you are not sure how to find the name of the Directory code, please consult the following document: pp10-adfields

Insert the LinkedIn custom URL field into the email disclaimer template

  1. In the Policy Patrol Administration console, go to Settings > Templates > <folder name>.
  2. Open up your Disclaimer Template.
  3. In the HTML tab of the Disclaimer Template, click on HTML Source.
  4. In the source, enter one of the options below.

    Note that in the examples, %[]LinkedInURL[]% is the merge field that contains the user's LinkedInURL.

    To create a clickable LinkedIn link:
    <A href=”%[]LinkedInURL[]%”>LinkedIn</A> (example: LinkedIn)

    To create only a clickable LinkedIn link if the user has a LinkedIn URL in Active Directory:
    %[{LinkedIn}]LinkedInURL[]%  (in HTML this will become: <A href=”[LinkedInURL]”>LinkedIn</A>) (example for users with LinkedIn URL: LinkedIn, Users with no LinkedIn URL will not get anything added)
    To create a clickable LinkedIn image:
    %[{le=<IMG src=””/>}]LinkedInURL[]% (in HTML this will become: <A href=”[LinkedInURL]”><IMG src=””/></A>) (example: LinkedIn logo)

Applies To

Policy Patrol Disclaimers

Policy Patrol Mail Security

Policy Patrol Signatures


Last Review: 2017-02-21 19:42:48 UTC

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