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Applicable to Policy Patrol Signatures 2.00.12291 and later:

Policy Patrol Signatures includes functionality to support proxy servers when connecting to Google Apps. Here is how it works: 

In PolicyPatrol.Signatures.Common.dll.config the following new entries are available (if you update from an older PPS 2 installation you will have to add these entries manually, since an update never modifies configuration files).

            <setting name="GoogleAppsUseProxy" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="GoogleAppsProxyServer" serializeAs="String">                 <value></value>             </setting>                 
<setting name="GoogleAppsProxyPort" serializeAs="String">                 <value>0</value>             </setting>                 
<setting name="GoogleAppsProxyUser" serializeAs="String">                 <value></value>             </setting>                 
<setting name="GoogleAppsProxyPassword" serializeAs="String">                 <value></value>             </setting>   


Set ‘GoogleAppsUseProxy’ to True, then specify the proxy server name in ‘GoogleAppsProxyServer’ and the port number in ‘GoogleAppsProxyPort’. If you need to spcify custom credentials, use ‘GoogleAppsProxyUser’ and ‘GoogleAppsProxyPassword’.

For example, we have a test proxy server on (port 8081), so I need WA to run a few tests to ensure that it is working as expected. To use this proxy, set ‘GoogleAppsProxyServer’ to and ‘GoogleAppsProxyPort’ to 8081. The proxy also supports authentication, so try with that as well.

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Policy Patrol Signatures


Last Review: 2016-01-29 16:24:02 UTC

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