How can I only enter a word if a field exists?


If you are not sure whether a field will exist in every instance, you can specify a field prefix that will only be entered if the field is replaced. For instance, if you wish to include a mobile phone number for the user, but not every user has one, you could enter the prefix in between the first square brackets of the field as follows: %[Prefix]Field name[]%. For instance: %[Mobile:]Mobile phone[]%. This will mean that the text 'Mobile:' will only be added if the user has a mobile phone number in the user's Active Directory, Exchange 5.5 or Lotus Domino properties.

If a user does not have a field populated in AD, Policy Patrol will skip adding that field and will display the next populated field in the signature.


If your signature template is like this

%[]User first name[]%
%[]Mobile phone[]%
%[]User last name[]%

and one user does not have the Mobile phone field populated in AD, the signature for that user will look like this :

%[]User first name[]%

Applies To

Policy Patrol Disclaimers


Last Review: 2016-02-14 23:48:26 UTC

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