How can I add a different signature on replies and forwards?

If you wish to add a more extensive signature on your first email (for instance including your complete address) and then a shorter one on each following message (for instance including only your name, company name and phone number), you can do so by first creating a rule that adds the initial, more extensive signature. In the Add disclaimer/signature dialog of this rule (under Actions) you will select the option Add disclaimer/signature only once and Place after most recent message text (recommended for signatures).

Then create a second rule that adds the shorter signature. In the Add disclaimer options for this rule (under Actions), select the options Place after most recent message text (recommended for signatures) and Only add when the following disclaimer/signature has already been added and select the more extensive disclaimer template of the first rule. In this way, any new messages will include the more extensive signature. If the initial signature has already been added to the email, any consequent messages will get the shorter signature version added.

Applies to:

Policy Patrol Disclaimers

Policy Patrol Mail Security


Last Review: 2017-06-09 04:24:22 UTC

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