How to automatically create an approved white list


To automatically add recipients of outgoing mails to the white list (apart from non-deliverable messages and out of office replies):

  1. Open the Policy Patrol Administration Console and connect to the Policy Patrol installation
  2. Go to Email Threat ProtectionAnti-spam > Black/white lists and tick the option Automatic white list learning.

You can also import addresses into the white list in the following three ways:

  1. Import email addresses from Active Directory contacts
  2. Import email addresses from Outlook contacts
  3. Import recipients from the Sent Items folder

To import addresses, go to Anti-spam > Black/white lists and click on Email/domain white list. Click on the relevant icon in the toolbar to import addresses from any of the sources listed above.

If you are using Exchange 2007, Policy Patrol supports the Safe Senders list: When a user adds an email address to the Safe Senders list from Outlook, Policy Patrol will 'white list' the email address. It will not update the Policy Patrol white list, but it will check the Policy Patrol white list as well as the Exchange 2007 Safe Sender list and allow messages on any of these lists through.

Applies To

Policy Patrol Spam Filter

Policy Patrol Mail Security


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