How do I enter domains and email addresses in filters?


You can enter email addresses as well as domains in the Domains/email addresses filter. If you enter an email address, the address has to be an exact match in order to be filtered. If you enter a domain, Policy Patrol will match this with the part after the @ sign of the email address. For instance, if you enter, Policy Patrol will filter all email addresses that end in

You can also use the * wildcard at the beginning or end of your entry. For instance, if you enter *, the filter will include all email addresses ending in for instance,, If you enter company.*, this will include all email addresses ending in for and, but not Note that you can only use one wild card per entry.

Applies To

Policy Patrol Spam Filter

Policy Patrol Mail Security


Last Review: 2016-02-16 04:38:42 UTC

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