How can I allow SPF soft fails through the filter?


If you do not want Policy Patrol to mark messages that return an SPF Soft Fail as Suspected spam, but still perform other spam checks on the message, please follow the next steps:

  1. Open the Policy Patrol Administration console. 
  2. Click on the Anti-spam node. 
  3. In the right pane you will see two categories (Known Spam & Suspected Spam).
  4. Click on the New button at the bottom of the pane. 
  5. Click Next in the Welcome screen. 
  6. Select Accept message (Do not select 'Stop Anti-spam processing for this message'). Click Next
  7. Do not select any Secondary actions. Click Next
  8. In Category name, enter 'SPF Soft Fail'. Click Finish
  9. Expand the Anti-spam node and click on Address Verification
  10. In Sender Verification, click on Select spam category for failed SPF checks
  11. In the SPF Record Soft Fail tab, select the 'SPF Soft Fail' category that you just created from the drop-down box (Do not change the settings in the SPF record fail tab - This should have the Known Spam category selected). Click OK to save the changes.

Now SPF soft fails will no longer be marked as Suspected spam, but Policy Patrol will continue to check whether these messages are spam using other methods.

Applies To

Policy Patrol Mail Security


Last Review: 2016-02-04 04:03:26 UTC

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