Can I embed fonts in my email signature?


It is possible to embed fonts in the email signature that Policy Patrol Disclaimers adds, however it depends on the email client how the font is displayed. Some email clients do support embedded fonts, but not many as of yet. This article includes information on how to embed fonts and a list of email clients that support embedded fonts. 

If the email client does not support the embedded fonts, another font will be displayed. If it is very important that a particular font is used, it may be better to embed an image of the text instead. If it doesn't matter if the font is substituted when the email client does not support embedded fonts, you could choose to embed the font so that the font can be displayed where possible.

Applies to:

Policy Patrol Disclaimers

Policy Patrol Mail Security


Last Review: 2016-01-26 18:58:29 UTC

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