Can I create rules for recipient containers in Exchange server 5.5?


Yes this is possible. To do this you must first create a connector that retrieves the users in the recipient container, and then you can create a rule that applies to the users of the Connector:

  1. Go to Users > Licensed users > Connectors > New.
  2. Select Exchange 5.5 connector.
  3. Click Next. Enter the following string in the 'Use the following server' dialog box: <Exchange Server IP address>:389/cn=<RecipientContainerDisplayName>, cn=<Recipients>,ou=<Site>,o=<Organization>, for example,cn=Recipients,,o=Red Earth Software.
  4. Click Next. Do not tick any options and click Next. Give the connector a name and click Finish.
  5. Now create the rule and in Rule Users select the connector you just created.

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