How to add random disclaimers, signatures or banners?

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If you have multiple banners that you wish to add to your email signatures, Policy Patrol can automatically alternate the banners. For instance if you wish to include banner #1 and banner #2, you can create two email signatures that each includes one of the banners and then Policy Patrol can randomly alternate the email signatures so that some emails include the email signature with banner#1, and other emails include the email signature with banner #2.  

In order to use alternating signatures, disclaimers or banners please follow the next steps:

1. Create the email signature templates:

  • Open the Policy Patrol Administration console.
  • Go to Settings > Templates.
  • Right click on Templates and create a new folder (for example 'Promotions').
  • Select the 'Promotions' folder and click on 'New' in order to create the new templates that contain your banners.

Remember that you should only add one banner to each template;

2. Configure the alternating signature rule

  • Go to Rules > Disclaimer rules > Disclaimers.
  • Select 'New' and 'Next' in the Welcome screen wizard..
  • Select the users for the rule.
  • Select the rule direction
  • Select the rule conditions and exceptions if any.
  • In Rule Actions select 'Deliver message' as the primary action and 'Add random disclaimer/signature' as the secondary action.
  • In the 'Add random disclaimer/signature' options, specify the folder that contains your email signature templates ('Promotions' in our example).
  • Enter a name for the rule and then click Finish.

Applies To

Policy Patrol Disclaimers
Policy Patrol Mail Security


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