Can I send a notification to an external address when I receive an email?


Yes this is possible. To do this you must create the following rule:

  1. Go to Rules > Email security rules and click New.
  2. Select General rule.
  3. Apply the rule to the user (i.e.
  4. As the message direction select externally received and/or internally received.
  5. Do not select any conditions or exceptions.
  6. In Actions select Deliver message as the primary action. In secondary actions select Notifications > Send email notification. Enter the From address for the Notification message. Select Other(s) and enter in the first box. Then click on the .. button in the second box and select your template (or create a new one by clicking on New).
  7. Do not configure scheduling.
  8. Enter a name for the rule and click Finish.

Tip: You can even attach the original message to the notification message by inserting the field 'Original Message' to the subject of the Notification template: Click on the Fields icon to the right of the subject. Select Message > Original message. Don't add the field to the body since this will result in two attachments (one for plain text and one for HTML).

Applies To

Policy Patrol Mail Security
Policy Patrol Disclaimers


Last Review: 2016-01-29 17:28:53 UTC

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