How can I insert Twitter or blog posts in my email signature?


Policy Patrol allows you to use RSS feeds in your email signature. With this feature you can for instance automatically include your latest blog post or tweet in your email signature. In the example below, we describe how you can include the latest Twitter post (highlighted) by inserting a merge field into your email signature.

1. Make sure that you have Policy Patrol 8.00.12289 or later installed.

2. Insert the RSS merge field in your email signature template as follows:

%[]RSS:,Twitter / redearthsoft,en-US,1,title[]%

The prefix (RSS:) indicates that it is an RSS feed. The next parts of the command are separated by commas. The values are as follows:

1. The RSS feed URL
2. The channel title
3. The channel language
4. The ID of the item (multiple items normally exist in the channel and ID 1 means that the first item will be used, 2 that the second will be used etc. Setting the ID to -1 randomizes the item from all available.
5. The name of the item node from where the value should be read.

So in the above example, the RSS feed URL is (replace 'redearthsoft' with your Twitter user name). The channel we want to use is  Twitter / redearthsoft (Channel title). (replace 'redearthsoft' with your Twitter user name). The language we want to use is en-US (English). We have set the ID to 1 so the top most item will be used. Finally, we specified that we want the merge field to get the title value, which in the Twitter example is the actual tweet. For instance this is what would be inserted into the email signature for this merge field:

redearthsoft: Policy Patrol Signatures version 2 now supports Office 365 and Google Apps:

All parameters apart from the first one are optional, so the following merge field will also work (Note that you still need to specify the commas):


This means that the URL is the same as above, but the first channel will be used (regardless of title and language) and the title first item in the channel will be the merge field value. In this case this will also result in the latest tweet being inserted into the email signature:

redearthsoft: Policy Patrol Signatures version 2 now supports Office 365 and Google Apps:

Another example is:


This merge field will randomize the entry that is used, but it will still be from the first channel. In other words, it will not always use the last tweet, but will also take earlier tweets in a randomized fashion.

Another example:


This will display the first entry from the first channel. However it will not display the title value, but instead it will display the link. In this example the link would be:

Note: If you are copying the above examples into your template, you must first paste them into Notepad and then copy them from Notepad into the email signature template (in order to remove any HTML code).

To check if the field is entered correctly, you can click on Preview in the email signature template. The field should be replaced by your tweet or blog post.

Applies to:

Policy Patrol Disclaimers

Policy Patrol Signatures for Office 365

Policy Patrol Signatures for Google Apps

Policy Patrol Signatures for Hosted Email Systems


Last Review: 2016-01-26 19:36:52 UTC

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