How to avoid multiple images from being added


An embedded image can be prevented from being inserted more than once by adding an Alt text to it. If this Alt text is already present in the message, the rule will not trigger again.


Please follow the next steps to configure this in Policy Patrol:


1. When inserting the image into the Disclaimer template, enter a unique Alt text, for instance "Red Earth Software logo". This can be done from the HTML source (go to the HTML source tab in the Disclaimer template), or when inserting the image and entering text in the Alt tag field of the Insert image dialog. If the image was already inserted, you must remove the image and reinsert it).


2. Then create a word/phrase filter with the Alt text in it, e.g. "Red Earth Software logo". Do not enable word score.


3. In the rule, go to Rule Exceptions and select Body contains word/phrase and select the word/phrase filter that you just made. Make sure that you select the option Check HTML Tags.


Now the disclaimer will not be added if the alt text (i.e. signature/disclaimer) is already present in the message.

Applies to:

Policy Patrol Disclaimers
Policy Patrol Mail Security


Last Review: 2016-01-26 19:18:52 UTC

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