Can disclaimers and signatures be placed after the last message text?

Yes Policy Patrol can place disclaimers and signatures after the last entered message text on replies and forwards. To do this, go to Rules > Disclaimer rules > <folder>. Select the Disclaimer rule and click Edit. In the rule description (bottom pane) click on the disclaimer template name in blue (it is included in the last line: And add 'Disclaimer Template Name' to message). If you click on the blue link in the rule description, the 'Add Disclaimer/Signature dialog' will pop up. Now select the option Place after most recent message text (recommended for signatures). Selecting this option will ensure that the signature is placed after the most recent message text, rather than right at the bottom of the email.

Applies To

Policy Patrol Disclaimers

Policy Patrol Mail Security


Last Review: 2016-07-07 20:13:34 UTC

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