How can I allow users to select a disclaimer?

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By entering a code in the subject, for instance [disclaimer1], users can instruct Policy Patrol to add a specific disclaimer. Policy Patrol can then remove this code from the subject before the message is sent. To do this you must create the following rule:

  1. Go to Disclaimer rules > Disclaimers > New.
  2. Click Next in the Welcome screen.
  3. Select the users for the rule. Click Next.
  4. Select the message direction for the rule, for instance Externally sent messages. Click Next.
  5. Select the option Trigger rule if following conditions are met. Expand 'Subject' and select Subject contains word/phrase. Select the Word/phrase filter folder and click on the New button. Click Next in the Welcome screen. Select Word/phrase filter and click Next. Enter the code that your users will enter, for instance [disclaimer1]. Uncheck the option Enable word score and select Whole or part of words are matched. Click Next. Enter [disclaimer1] as the name and click Finish. Select [disclaimer1] in the left pane and click on the > button. Click OK. Click Next.
  6. Do not select any exceptions. Click Next.
  7. In Actions, expand Modify message and select Add disclaimer. Select the disclaimer template you wish to use and configure any disclaimer options. ClickOK. Select Replace word/phrase in subject. In Find, enter [disclaimer1]. Leave Replace with blank. Click Next.
  8. Do not configure scheduling. Click Next.
  9. Enter a name for the rule, for instance Add [disclaimer1] to message. Click Finish.

Now whenever a user enters [disclaimer1] in the subject of an email, the appropriate disclaimer will be added and the code will be removed from the subject before the message is delivered.

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