How are multiple disclaimers and signatures ordered?

How are multiple disclaimers and signatures ordered?

The order in which disclaimers and signatures are applied is determined by the order of the Policy Patrol rules and whether you select to 'prepend' or 'append' the disclaimer/signature.


If you have two prepend disclaimer rules that apply to the same mail, the disclaimers will be applied as follows in the message:

Prepend Disclaimer 2

Prepend Disclaimer 1

Message Body


If you have two append disclaimer rules, they will be applied as follows:

Message Body

Append disclaimer 1

Append Disclaimer 2


To change the order of the Disclaimer Rules, go to Rules > Rule ordering.


Applies to:

Policy Patrol Mail Security

Policy Patrol Disclaimers


Last Review: 2016-01-26 18:47:00 UTC

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